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 Voltage reference error: ± 0.4%, typical @ 25 °C (TL431B) 

Low dynamic output impedance: 0.22Ω (typ) 

Equivalent full-range temperature coefficient: 50 ppm / °C (typical value) 
Temperature compensation operation at full rated operating temperature range 
Regulators send values from 2.5 - 36V continuously adjustable, 
The original reference voltage error + -1.0% 
Low dynamic output resistance, 
Typically 0.22 ohms, 
Output Current 1.0 - 100 mA.

Full flat temperature characteristics within the temperature range, 
Typically 50ppm, 
Low output voltage noise. 
Package: TO-92, PDIP-8, Micro-8, SOIC-8, SOT-23 
The maximum input voltage of 37V 
The maximum operating current 150mA 
The reference voltage is 2.5V 
The output voltage range of 2.5 ~ 36V