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IC LM358
  • Number: IC LM358
  • Name: IC LM358
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 1. Built-600V high-voltage MOS transistor, the circuit is simple, fewer external components. 

2. When the input high voltage 264V, 0.20W standby power in the following. 
3. The average efficiency to meet the Energy Star five grade requirements. 
4. Built-in soft-start circuitry to reduce power overshoot, reduce stress MOS. 
5. There MOS chip external drive trimming function, can improve EMI effects. 
6. Frequency jitter function, it has better EMI characteristics. 
7. With a variety of protection OCP, OVP, SCP, etc., can be automatically restored after the failure to lift output.

1. Open For example STB power, DVB power, DVD power supply, control panels and other small appliances bare board power supply. 
2. Adapters such as digital photo frame adapters, routers, adapters and other digital electronic products and network equipment supply. Note: Please note enclosed adapter chip body heat, increase heat profiles.

Security Features :
1. Static: The adapter can withstand contact discharge 8KV, space discharge 15KV not damaged. 
2. Lightning: power adapter and an open can withstand common mode 4KV, differential mode 2KV not damaged.